•  Smug Huker(they), who focus on making art anonymously, try to escape from, celebrate or argue with the world by using their own signatures.


    They make art attempts in the open field and also leave distinguishing smell in the exhibitions. They believe in the spirit of “art is an incident not an object”,

    㗊 / 0

    ji divided by zero

    游 魚 出 聽

    yóu yú chū tīng

    果 盤

    The Plate

    風 塵 僕 僕

    féng chén pú pú

  • Portfolio

    Mimosa Ward


    Soft sculpture


    pvc, soil, mimosas, white cotton thread


    (the patient) 350mm*500mm*1600mm



    broken image



    These were all started from a boring joke about "vegetable people". I grew mimosas in a patient robe, a plant that produces "violent" mechanical movements in response to external stimuli —— in this way, my "plants" are moving. However, even in the case of medically defined "plants," they are incapable of executing what we can see with our eyes, but they are still breathing, sweating, excreting, and carrying out the basic cycles of a life. They are never "immobile," as are many other underestimated aspects of nature.











    Tree hole PLUS




    Fishbone , newspaper , clay , spray painting , mirror , abs sticks,thread, cellophane, liquor bottles


    Variable sizes


    In the picture :40cm*60cm*200cm




    broken image



    According to the research, there're the reasons accounted for the existence of a tree hole:

    1. animals dig holes in the trunk of a tree in order to build a home;

    2. the heart of the tree dies then decays, which would lead to a hollow trunk;

    3. strangling plants grow around a tree and kill it;

    4. whenever humans need a shelter.










    Flood Release




    Variable size


    Chicken wires, threads, clay




    broken image



      In 2021, China's Henan Province experienced major flooding. The act of "releasing the flood" was intended to avoid the danger, but at the same time created a new set of problems, such as difficulties in housing the people in the floodplain and hazards in the geological conditions around the dam. The story of human beings actively creating waves and attempting to release floodwaters is a recurring one throughout history. This work speaks to ourcontradictions.










    Inflatable Uterus




    Clay, acrylics, some trash





    broken image




    By making this work I’d like to express my loathing towards misogyny as well as cheer for the female all around the world.

    This happened when “Xian subway incident” burst on the internet, and I was too angry, sad or contemptuous to say anything with my words.

    I first thought of inflable dolls. I truly believed that one day in the future people who treats women as reproduction machines are gonna reduce far more.

    This uterus looks like a daunting person raising both arms, and it is the metaphor of women’s courage; the straw could be used for inflating the uterus, and this is the same joke logic I’ve used in . Just so that I can cheer for all the ladies.








    Harp On




    tree branches, yarns


    variable sizes




    broken image





    These are two interlocking and overlapping branches, and I add strings to them in the same way that I would mold a harp, but these strings never quite overlap, because they start from two different branches. Just like human communication, our preconceptions of emotions and thoughts are always off, resulting in heart-to-heart vibrations. In mandarin, "琴" sounds similar to “情"which means emotions and love. By hanging in the space,it feels like the sculpture's trying its best to harping on the subject to the viewers.











    Little Left


    sculpture , performance , music mixed by Zhuo


    time: 2022.4.23.31’20’’

    location: shanghai home


    Plastics, tracing paper, ,soft pastels, oil pastels, a plate, ,

    donated vegetables that smug dislikes, tomato, toothpicks.



    broken image




    The whole performance includes:

    painting, making the fruit plate, cooking the plate.

    This is a live-streaming event where the artist offered condolences on the things we lost during this lockdown by using the things still left at home in Shanghai.









    Schrödinger’s heart






    tracing paper, soft pastels, cotton thread, wood, magnets






    broken image



      With the light changing, the painting we saw change also.

    Just like Schrödinger’s cat, this heart is both full and broken at the same time.









    「Yóu Yú Chū Tīng」 project


    The music is so good that the fish swim out of water to listen to it.


    sculpture/land art/fiber art/live performance



    broken image



    Project <游魚出聽 Yóu Yú Chū Tīng>(it's a Chinese ancient saying meaning "the music is so good that the fish swims out of the water")has invited music players and musicians joining the open field to play the sounds——or sometimes simply just the environment soundscapes, and I would do the "fish" sculptures by following the feeling created by the sounds or the fields every time differently. Also the whole process would be live-streaming on Shanghai community radio every time.

    This whole project is for combining hearing and imaginations to be transformed into visions, and for making a tribute to music and sounds in the human world. Along my way growing up, music has always been a guide and company in my life--sometimes it's almost like a religion to me. Due to different cultural backgrounds, people would be related to different feelings when hearing certain kinds of music. And this is my version of "what I see"--by doing so, it would be interesting to show the local culture what I could have received from them. Meanwhile I hope that this project can free a sculptor’s hands and could make myself controlled by just simple instincts . This is what "basic" human beings have in us.

    Until very recently, we have tried ambient, worldwide, shamanic, or gabber to be the “bait”. We have made it to the rooftop, the yard, the bookstore or the construction site….











    Engraft roadside trees




    Dead home-bred plants, roadside trees, knives, wires, electric drilling machine



    broken image




    A.get to grow;

    B.got cleaned by the road cleaners;

    C. continue this circumstance where the alive and the dead stay in commensalism.


    In 2022 I started a street project named as a way of being a rebel against the world's stereotypes and the regulatory system of the governments. Roadside trees stand for what people in charge want the city or even the world to be——the same, easy to grow, easy to manage; and all i wanted to do is to add a little whimsy into the normal .









     ON AIR


    Light installation in a DiDi(Chinese Uber)





    broken image



    This is a "mobile group show" that Smug Huker recently joined,

    initiated by a DiDi driver: a long running project that aims to turn

    a DiDi car into a mobile exhibition, with different works added from

    time to time…

    The car is in Shanghai every week for regular orders.

    If you need to visit the exhibition, please take a DiDi.

    And the ticket for the exhibit is the fare for that ride.


    The didi app is constantly listening and monitoring everything

    inside the car, making the space feel like it's being broadcast in real time.










    㗊/0 (ji divided zero)  public project


    a artwork smashing party in a underground club


    venue:Elevator Shanghai



    broken image

    (after destroy)

    㗊,jí,With lots of mouth in it, this letter means noisy. And anything got divided

    by 0 is a meaningless existence.


    This is artist’s 「smashing artworks」 party,

    For people to be gathered around and destroying their works.

    A lot of works are made to be preserved, but not these.

    As a viewer of artworks, the audience has been used to/trained into

    showing certain ways to treat art. And I hope to break these rules.



    other works at 㗊/0:

    broken image

    pepper chilis, wires, abacus, red nylon strings 38cm*127cm*17cm (before destroy)




    broken image

    shells,clay,abs sticks,newspapers (before destroy)




    broken image

    durians,cottons,mycete,wax,plastics (before destroy)

    broken image

    (after destroy)










    Féng Chén Pú Pú


    fiber art / film


    tree branches from Ditan park Beijing,

    white cloth from Shanghai,

    threads, rubber bands.


    80cm*105cm*160cm / 2’36’’




    broken image



    “风尘仆仆” fēng chén pú pú , adj.

    it means people travel a long way that they look exhausted or dust covered.

    “风” fēng, in chinese means wind.


    the phrase originally came from an anti-misogyny and anti-feudalism myth novel

    written in Tang dynasty by Li Chaowei.

    “I’ve arrived at Beijing from such a long way

    and I wish for the encounter of other beings

    by the wind of Beijing.”









    The Plate




    Made by fruits and vegetables

    by Antony Gormley


    Variable tastes and sizes



    broken image



    The plate shows how you're being treated. 













    fishbones collected in tokyo, wood stick, some trash, acrylic,unknown bugs


    1.5*1*2m approx


    2023 at No Limit Koenji



    broken image


    Smug Huker was invited to participate in the No Limit festival in Koenji, Tokyo, a music/art/rebellion event that brings together anarchists from all over the world. In response to the main theme of the event, the artist made this work based on an observation on Japan and the event of Japan's nuclear waste water discharge into the ocean in 2023.


    The artist has modelled the traditional symbol of Japanese Children's Day, the "Koinobori"(which presents the parents' wish toward their children), flying in the wind on the famous Asakusabashi Bridge in Tokyo. Fish bones collected in Tokyo were hung on wooden sticks. In the background is a river that resembles the Japanese flag. Aim On occasions like No Limit, it is the artist’s wish to ignore the expectations of the common customs and boldly embrace death as an inevitable consequence of human existence.




  • Exhibitions & Features



    Group exhibitions:


    "No Limit Koenji"

    Dig a hole zines

    Tokyo, Japan






    Project Z,

    Dongguan, China





    “The Great Mother——

    a response to 59th Venice biennial”

    no space gallery,

    London, UK





    "Zhen Dang"


    Wuhan, China





    "Yellow box open exhibition"

    Yellow box art museum,

    Qingdao, China






    “independence and coexistence”

    art meets ideas space, Shanghai, China




    Public projects:




    Shanghai, China





    Solo exhibitions:


    "My endorphins decline",

    DWart space,

    Shanghai, China




    Online features:


    Tofu Collective website

    2023.9.26 https://tofucollective.com/feature/smug-huker/










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